Friday, December 30, 2016

Missing Sulaimani: Watching the bazaar awaken

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I have been back in Canada for many months after I left Sulaimani and the Iraqi Kurdistan team for the last time  at the end of March. For some reason I was not able to take the time to look at photos and to think about my time there. I guess the New Year coming and a time of holiday gave me the push to take a look and to post photos on this blog.

While I was in Sulaimani I had thought many times about going to the bazaar as it woke up. I had passed this activity in a car many times, but I wanted to walk from the CPT house through the streets  to see the sellers come out slowly to their stands. When I mentioned this, my friend Rezhiar said that he would gladly go on this adventure with me. We woke very early, around 6 am, I think, and began the 30 minute walk to Sulaimani's bazaar. It was everything that I hoped it would be. After walking around and greeting some people and taking some photos, we headed to Rezhiar's favourite breakfast spot. I guess early morning is similar to later night with regards to women being present at these establishments. But they served us well with the typical Kurdish breakfast.

Mosgowti Hazrati Ibrahim is right across the street from the CPT house. 
The dawn was just beginning so it was still lit up as we left the house.

The street cleaners must get up even earlier than we had. They work to make
 the streets  neat and ready for the influx of shoppers.


Then gradually, the people began to come out to begin their day


Father and son bringing bottles of water...

into the alley that has small eating establishments and tea houses.

Another street cleaner in the main square, Maidan Sara

The newly renovated market square.


The bakers had been out much earlier as well.


This man served free food from his street food cart.

And these young people enjoyed the food before their day of work in the bazaar.


Brushing off the dust from his merchandise

Poor bunnies don't know what is ahead of them this day.

Getting ready to polish many shoes

The egg, yogurt and cottage cheese salesman

Our lovely Kurdish breakfast- fresh bread, eggs, yogurt and honey.