Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aro's first bowling game

The last couple of blog posts have been somewhat sombre. So I decided to lighten this one up and introduce you to 5 year old Aro and to tell the story of his first bowling game.

Our wonderful friend, partner, and translator, Mohammed,  had his 35th birthday two weeks ago. We made cookies for him and then told him that his gift was an evening of bowling with us and his family. There is one bowling alley in Suleymania, The Bowling Centre. (In the same complex as the "Scary Cinema", that we have not attended). So, a couple of evenings later we all piled into his 6 seater truck along with Mohammed, sons Alan, Aro and his wife, Hershu. Mohammed had bowled once before but the boys had not. Alan tried to figure out how to bowl with 3 fingers in the holes but Aro developed his own technique!!

Aro discovers the bowling balls.

I am sure that I can lift one of these.
Mohammed tried to give him some pointers on how to get the ball down the long alley.

First try. It made it down... very slowly.

Bud tried to give him some pointers too- 1/2 way down the alley. The proprietor's did not make any comment until Aro tried to walk all the way down to the pins carrying the ball.

He enjoyed the gme so much that he wanted to take everyone's turns.
Mohammed and his family

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