Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday photos from Sulaimani

Fridays is the Muslim day of prayer. So it is day off for all CPT Iraqi Kurdistan team (unless something important comes up). Friday is a day to sleep in, have a leisurely cup of coffee (Colombian- straight from that country, sent by our former team mate Ramyar and our support team co-ordinator, Milena). Then, after prayers I usually take a leisurely 45 minute walk to the centre of the city. The bazaar (market, souk) is there as well as many, many people. I really enjoy the hustle and push and sound of the market.

However, as you may realize, I am quite visible among all those people. I am greeted and stared at and I have had a couple of people say- I saw you on the street walking to the bazaar on Friday. My hair and clothes don't blend  in.

On these walks I enjoy using my camera. I am often in a quandry- do I ask permission and make the situation where the person is posing or do I try to be inabtrusive to get a more natural shot? So, I try to do both.

So here are a few photos from the last couple of Fridays in the centre of town and the bazaar.

A tiny person in her traditional Zhilee Kurdi (Kurdish clothes)

A small gathering in the public park

Two young men with their stand selling large Syrian raisans. I loved the black drapery, black raisans, black shirts and black hair.

This father was sitting by the side of the sidewalk waiting. I imagine his wife was out shopping as he was not begging. He was quite pleased to grant me a picture.

Spring is a time for eating early fruit that isn't ripe. The lime green fruit is green immature cherries. He had a bag of salt to eat them with. the other green item is immature almonds. The skin is fuzzy and you eat it along with the soft almond inside. I did not really want a whole bag so he gave me a few samples, along with his photo.

The women in the second-hand textiles market. This is my favourite place too. Lots of curtains and small rugs and all other kinds of fabrics that someone has decided they did not need any more. Most seem to come from Europe or the UK.

A vendor prepares mechanical toys for sale.
One of them worked

His colleague had some trouble with Barbie on a motorcycle.

A sewing machine salesman (and rugs and various other gadgets)

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