Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Disrupted lives- new report and excellent new's report

The current CPT team in Sulaimani,  just released a report about the bombing and shelling of villagers in the Pishdar region of Iraq Kurdistan. Pishdar is the region which includes the village of Sunneh ( where we have been visiting the school ). I was there in November when team mates Marcus and Ramyar began the work on this report. I have watched it morph to  become better and more polished until finally on last Thursday it was released in a press conference at the Cultural Cafe in Sulaimani. You may think that it is too long for you to read, but I suggest at least opening it up and scanning it and talking a look at the photos.

Photos from the press conference held at the Cultural Cafe on Thursday, 30 May in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan. (Photos taken by Pat Thompson and an unknown journalist).
It was released in two language


Also today I watched a very good newscast about the shelling of villages. .HDNet's "World Report" correspondent Willem Marx travels to the mountainous border of Iraq and Iran, where Kurdish rebels are attacking the Iranian military, and in response Iran is shelling Iraqi territory, killing Kurdish civilians and forcing thousands of villagers from their homes.http://vimeo.com/13523382
It is 1/2 hour long but if you have interest in this it is quite worth it.

I am still quite new to this technology stuff and it appears that I can not put the video here because it is not on You tube. I hope that this works for you.

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