Friday, August 24, 2012

Kurdish Supper in suburban Winnipeg

Two days ago on Wednesday, 22 August 21 MacAulay Place saw the 3rd annual CPT Fundraiser Kurdish Supper. Thirty-seven people came to sit on our lawn in the back yard. They ate lots and many said that they loved it. Some were repeaters from last year, others were new.

So I will post some photos of the preparation, and of the supper itself.

Last year I worked with a Kurdish woman to learn to make this bread, so this year I did it all by myself. The red bottle cap is to give perspective on the size.
Frying the luqme (fried balls of dough which are then soaked in sugar syrup)
Two of my neighbours, Charlotte and Elaine came to help roll the dolma/yaprax and other helpful tasks.
Once the people were here we discovered that the rice was a disaster. It was mushy and hard and crunchy. So while waited for it to cook I told everyone about CPT.
Someone asked about Kurdish life so I brought out Katrina's dress to show them.
Final mixing and getting ready to serve.
Vic, in the background, my wonderful support for pre and post cleaning, mosquito killing and babysitting the rice.
.Dolma- grape leave wrapped around rice (in Kurdish it is yaprax), kasi (a apricot sauce to go over rice), Fasuli (beans in tomato sauce with and without chicken)
Nan (bread) and mastaw (yogurt diluted with water and mint drink)

This little girl loved the fasuli.

It was so great to have kids in my yard.
For desert we had kuliche (date and nut filled cookies) and luqme (fried dough balls) and Kurdish tea.
It was a lovely evening, the day was warm and sunny, marvelous people came, and the mosquitoes stayed away until dusk (when they came for their supper). And money was raised to support CPT's work in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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  1. Wonderful and nice kurdish foods , wish you all have enjoyed ,,Regards