Sunday, September 30, 2012

Helping to look for English teachers for 5-7 year old class in Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan

Hello friends,
I am sending this to you in case you know of friends or friends of friends who might have interest in the opportunity below. The owner of the school is CPT Iraqi Kurdistan's landlord and friend.  They have had an English preschool and this year is the first year to go to the next higher grade. The credentials needed are teacher degree or English as a second language training. The rest is below. Even if the person you think of could not come for 1 October (things work differently here!) but have interest they should contact Sirwan to see if something could be worked out. And remember, there is a great community of Christian Peacemaker Teams here too.!!
Kathy Moorhead Thiessen
Dear Kathy,
Hello the following details for the teachers. Thanks indeed for your help, kindly send this detail to friend and good people you know
If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching English in a foreign country, here's your chance! Two English teachers are needed to teach young Kurdish students at a private Basic English School in Suleimani in the“Kurdistan Regional Government: Kurdish north of Iraq.
Room, board, Internet facility, cellular (prepaid card + mobile phone) and one meal (lunchtime) per day will be provided.

-Working hours from 8:30 am to 2:30pm. “The teacher will not teach all those hours it means that the teacher will be at the school but he/she teaches according to the schedule of the school”.
-Working days Sunday – Thursday.
-The age of the kids 5-7.
-We will provide a place of living.

-We will pay  one way of the teacher's airfare.
- We will provide one meal “lunch” (Optional) at the school.
- Your certificate and other documents are required.

Teachers are needed from October -2012 through June 31st, 2013
Salary: $1000 monthly.
Classes consist of a maximum of 25 students their ages 5 to 7.
Teachers should have a good sense of humor, be flexible, have a warm heart, and love for people.
If this is at all interesting to you and for further information, please contact us at .
Best Regards

Sirwan Saeed

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