Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back to October- Wedding celebration

As I sit here in Bammental, Germany I am looking at the photos of my time in Iraqi, Kurdistan. I realize that I have not posted about my first Kurdish wedding. This was celebrated on the last day of Eid. in October.  CPT Iraq Kurdistan's longterm friend, M, invited us to the wedding of his son. I was reminded again how the lifestyle of the Kurdish people is so different than mine. The wedding had been planned for four days earlier. However, a relative died and that took precidence. So the date of the  wedding was changed. This would be unheard of and almost impossible in my culture where invitations go out months ahead and venues and caterers are paid for as well.

I really enjoyed the day in the foothills of the Quandil mountains, sitting on the ground eating with the women, and dancing to the best of my ability in Kurdish style. The bride and groom are not pictured in this post because due to his job he asked us not to put their pictures onto the internet.

Rest stop at Gali Ali Bag . Pat T, me Lukasz F. Rosemarie M.
Preparation of the meal
Young men preparing to serve the meal
The women and younger children all seated around the tablecloth on the ground. Bread is being distributed to go with the rice, beans in tomato sauce, chicken and mutton.
Clean up. Put all the disposable dishes and scraps of food onto the tablecloth and roll it up.

Collecting the coloured bits of paper from the poppers.
 All ages come to the wedding.
.. and young.
Patrick and Rosmarie trying their feet at dancing.
Rosemarie asks our constant taxi driver, Soran, if he wants to dance. One can do that when you are 80 years old.!
After I took some photos of some girls, they wanted to take one of me. Here I am in front of the glorious Quandil mountains.
Pat, Lukasz and I join the dance.


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  1. So simple...Do you think I'd be able to convince my girls that a wedding like that would be good idea?