Saturday, September 7, 2013

4th Kurdish Supper- "The Things We Do For Love"

Friday, 6 September was my 4th annual Kurdish supper  fundraiser  for CPT. The amount raised is around $1,600 however more will be coming in from people who were not able to attend the meal, but who still want to donate to CPT.

As I worked all day yesterday to get the meal ready, I had that 1970's song by 10cc running through my head. The lyrics don't make sense in this situation, but the title,  'oohhh, the things you do for love", does. The things I do for the crazy, wonderful organisation that I work for!!!

 Amazingly enough this year  I did mostly all the cooking by myself, starting on Tuesday when I made the bread and the desert. I think that I have learned some lessons in previous years, but (as I found out) I still don't have the quantity idea down. I again made far too much food for the 38 people who came.

The wonderful new mural painted on the wall of the Halal Meat Store which also carries many things you need to make a Kurdish meal

I made 16 large rounds of bread.
And 3 pans of baklava (paqlewe)- walnut and almond
The menu was:

YAPRAX;  Grapeleaf dolma and other stuffed vegetables
KAYSI; apricot sauce
TAPSI: eggplant, tomatoe,pepper sauce for rice
BRINJ: rice
SELATE: mixed vegetable salad
NAN: Kurdish bread
PAQLEWE: sweet desert pastry
MAST OW: slightly salty yogurt drink
CHAI: sweet tea

I finally figured out that I could make the dolma (yaprax) on the day before. Whew, that was a relief to get that labour intense job finished.
 My guests in the lineup to get their food.

Brad Langendoen  says, " I can't believe you made all this food".
The atmostphere in my backyard was fantastic with everybody having good conversation and enjoying the food and Kurdish music AND the storm clouds that threatened all went away leaving a wonderful warm evening.

Finally I was able to grab a few minutes to eat, although after cooking all day I was not very hungry.
 Here is a few photos of the kids who came.

 More conversations

And then I was able to enjoy a piece of walnut baklava as the sun went down.

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