Friday, January 2, 2015

My favourite photos of 2014

Taking photos is an important task when working with Christian Peacemaker Teams. Often we need to get the "big picture" to show exactly what is happening in a demonstration or blockade. However, I also like to get closer, to focus in to show the individual, with just enough surrounding information to tell a story. Other times I want to just show you the person- probably someone you will never be introduced to, but that you can meet through one glimpse in my photo.

These photos are some of my favourites that I have taken in 2014. A lot has happened in Iraqi Kurdistan and in the rest of the world since January. I have had the privilege of being a part of exciting events, and meeting fabulous human beings. 

[click on the first photo to see them in larger format)

On a wonderful spring day in Chamchamal with my friend Ann

 Gulan (many flowers) is a tiny ancient farming village in
 Iraqi Kurdistan where our friend Latif lives.
My colleague, Lukasz, speaks with Latif's mother while we all drink tea.

I met this man in the bazaar. When I asked for a photo he removed his hat
 from his head and put it on his knee.

The football field that is close to the CPT house.

This was a demonstration where people marched down the main street in Sulaimani to protest a barrier ditch being built by Iraqi Kurdistan authorities in between IK and Syria.
 A young man watches a dance in the pow wow in Winnipeg on Aboriginal Day 2014
 A family sits under a tree waiting for their turn to dance at the pow wow on Aboriginal Day.
 A CPT delegation in Grassy Narrows presented a 
musical evening for members of the community
 The delegates attended a pow wow at the  Grassy Narrows School 
and were invited to dance.

 A family meets their soldier son on the biggest holiday of the Kurdish year- Nawroz
A young couple celebrating Nawroz
 A shepherd leads his flock out to pasture past an historical wall
A scarf salesperson in the bazaar
Father Jens with some of the children who are living in the small monastery in Sulaimani
 Christmas Day mass
An grandmother living in Virgin Mary monastery

A Syrian mother and daughter from New Arbat camp
 A handwork exhibition in the New Arbat camp
My favorite photo of the year. It was an accident as the woman turned her head just as I clicked. I thought the photo was ruined, but when I put it onto the computer I loved it- the white background brings out the colours and I really like that none of them are looking at me. This is difficult to accomplish!

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  1. Great photos, Kathy. My favorite is the portrait of the man at the bazaar. It tells a whole story...