Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A lovely little cabin in a winter wonderland

Although I am now sitting in springlike weather (by Winnipeg standards, but still winter by Kurdish), before I left Winnipeg Vic and I spent a lovely wintery week in rural Manitoba. Our friends have a cabin/cottage/little house a hour outside of the city. It was a time to sew, and read lots of books and watch some old TV shows on a laptop. We spent some time skiing on the river running behind the house until the temperature dropped to -25 C (with wind chill up to -40). The woodstove and very adequate insulation kept us nice and cozy warm. It was so nice to be together just a week away from being apart for 3 months.

Another cozy cabin we passed while on a walk

Close up
My man avoiding the glare of the snow.
The river where we skiied on the snowmobile tracks.
The local post office of hamlet "River Hills". There was also a Lutheran church and supposedly a second hand store that we could not find.
A threatening Keep-out sign. Maybe they spread smallpox viruses around the perimeter of the property?

A very energetic dog that joined me on a walk. I was totally freaked out when she bounded up behind me, but thank goodness she was friendly.
A quilt that I almost finished while at the cabin. The fabric behind the orange stars was an African wax print that I bought in Paris quite a few years ago.

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